When did I decide to become a nurse?

Day 12 of the nurse blogger challenge.

A fantastic question set for today. We don’t all know where we want to go in life as soon as we leave school. I found my passion for nursing later on, even though I fell in love with nurses at 7 years old, I still didn’t think about nursing as a career. I didn’t think nursing was a role you could go into without having a professional background and family etc. I saw nursing as a high profession that someone like me could never be.

I unfortunately didn’t do well in my GSCE’s: I got a B for art and a C for French and the rest were D’s and E’s! This made me feel unconfident in my own abilities and that I was not worth enough to do anything great. I left school, decided I would follow in my mother’s footsteps and go and work at a hotel she worked at. I worked in hospitality for a few years a mixture of; housekeeping, reception and waitressing not that this isn’t a great job, it’s just not for me).

In 2005 I decided I needed a change and I applied for a care assistant job in a care home for the elderly. This is where I found my love for nursing! I realised I genuinely care about people and loved being the person who helped them live as full of a life as possible. It is also where I found my voice in protecting patients as I had to report a carer for the way she had been treating patients. I will always be an advocate for patients even if it’s risking my job. Patient safety comes first to me! Whether whistle blowing is protected or not.

Despite my realisation, I STILL had it in my mind I couldn’t be a nurse, I wasn’t smart enough. My confidence was low, my self esteem was on the floor and my grades were so poor I’d be laughed at by any professional (Or so I thought).

And then enter a young healthcare assistant, who actually became a good friend for a while as well as a colleague. During a meal time, a patient asked for a boiled egg on toast. I watched her squirm and then she came and said to me quietly ‘I’ve no idea how to boil an egg can you do this?’ Haha. No disrespect to anyone who can’t boil an egg, but this made me laugh so much. I’d been cooking for myself since I was 17 years old so this blew my mind a little bit. I think we were both 19/20 years old at this point?

Anyway, she told me she was going to be a nurse, she had confirmation and would start the course in the September. THIS is when I realised, ‘if she can do it so can I! She can’t even boil an egg!’ (Again no offence to anyone).

So I went out, got my NVQ 2 and 3. But when I went to get my nursing diploma they JUST scrapped the diplomas and turned nursing into a degree only profession. Which actually put me off a little bit, again, I’d heard of the 10,000 word distinction and thought ‘there is no way I could do that, I’m not smart enough!’

But nursing is all I was good at, something I have always been confident in is my work, I know I do a fantastic job caring for others. I practice safely and practically. I have common sense which really goes a long way as well as working on my own initiative. I CAN DO THIS!

So I went off and did my access course and fast forward to today, I am a second year adult nursing student with huge ambition, a can do attitude and now my mind is thinking 4,000 words for the distinction isn’t going to be enough! It’s been a long winded road but this means so much more to me because of my journey here.

This degree has changed me so much so far. My confidence is slowly going up, I feel I AM worth something and I CAN be a fantastic nurse when I qualify. All thanks to being able to boil an egg. Hands up who loves eggs? πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Thanks for listening. Enjoy your day!

4 thoughts on “When did I decide to become a nurse?

  1. What a wonderful & inspiring post! Be sure to share with your staff when one day YOU will manage the hospital. Leadership and healthcare are so evident in your writing. Shine on! All day long. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


    1. That’s so lovely! A huge compliment thank you so much πŸ™‚ I will definitely be sharing and spreading it world wide haha.


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