Where do I hope to be in 5 years time?

Day 15 of the blogger nurse / NHS Horizons challenge.

5 years time always sounded so far away previously. However, I’m half way through my 3 year degree and this has flown straight past me in the blink of an eye.

In the next 16 months I will be signed off and qualified as a nurse, how exciting and nerve wrecking is that?! I will then wait, what will probably feel like a life time for my PIN to come through and then the big graduation day which will take place around March 2020 I think?

My main goal is to qualify with a first! I will settle for a 2:1 but a first is my main goal. Mainly because I never dreamt I would get the grades I have been getting lately, I’ve always put myself down academically and recently I’m starting to realise maybe I’m not so bad after all.

Other reason being, I’d like the option to stay on at university and do more! Masters, Fundamentals of general practice nursing, nurse prescribing course, and possibly a teaching qualification. I definitely need at least a 2:1 for some of those.

I started my nursing degree with a small ambition of becoming a sexual health nurse. I’d of been quite happy. Now, my brain is exploding of ideas on what to do and where to go. I fell in love with GP Nursing! There’s so many options to progress within a general practice and I’d love it all! I’d love to be a nurse practitioner, could I get there in 5 years?! I’m not sure. But I will definitely be on my way to achieving that goal.

I also fell in love with helping students. So my next plan is to do something along side my nurse practitioner role like health education. I would LOVE to be a mentor to future student nurses, this would make my day.

A nurse said to me ‘I’m too scared to be a sign off nurse, because I don’t want that responsibility. What if they went on to become an awful nurse and that was my doing?’ I think this is a fear amongst a few of the nurses maybe? After she told me this, I thought about it a lot. She’s semi right, if I was to sign off a nurse to say they are 100% competent and then they went out and ended up against the NMC for something… is that then on my head?

However, with the right knowledge and experience I will have the confidence to recognise when a student needs extra support to enable them to become the best nurse they can be and prevent this from happening. I will have the courage to say ‘no’ because if a student genuinely isn’t safe to practice, everyone should be speaking up. As horrible as that may feel, it’s needed to protect our patients. If I’m coming to you for my management placement, I would definitely want you to tell me no instead of signing me off. Just typing this makes me feel awful inside but it’s the best decision for the future of nursing and the patients.

Anyway, side tracked a little bit haha!

Long story short, in 5 years time I see myself qualified and on the road to becoming a nurse practitioner, a mentor and a health education role (of some sort). And to think I was just going to get my head down and qualify…

Message to all new student nurses or future student nurse.

Nursing WILL change you

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