My 5 favourite blogs / vlogs

Day 17 of the blogger nurse / NHS Horizons – 30 day blogger challenge.

I absolutely love reading or watching other people’s blogs / Vlogs. Who are my top 5? The problem is, I have so many I read and watch it’s hard to narrow down to just 5! But I will give it a try here, I will post all of the links to their pages too so please go check them out.

Firstly, what made me start blogging / Vlogging ? I initially (metaphorically) ‘picked up the pen’ in March 2017, because I wanted to keep a diary of my nursing journey, something to read back on and see how far I had come. I also wanted to share with the world how amazing nursing is to encourage people into this wonderful profession.

I then started Vlogging back in December 2017 because I wanted to reach a wider audience. I wanted to promote nursing as well as helping other future and current student nurses. I wanted to bring #NursePositivity into nursing and erase the negativity. Why? Because nursing needs nurses and it starts with nursing students. I’ve become passionate about helping other student nurses πŸ’™

Not only this, but I needed to build on my own public speaking confidence (one of my weaknesses I mentioned in yesterday’s blog). So I pulled out the camera and started speaking, it’s so weird looking back at my first one now! Haha. I am so awkward! I’m slowly improving thankfully.

On my journey I have found some inspirational and wonderful bloggers and vloggers. So, here we go, In no particular order:

1. Toni and her ‘Student nurse and beyond blog. Toni was my very first inspirational blog I came across! It was great to see that she was starting university around the same time as me (give or take a couple of months). She’s posted some fabulous advice and tips and most recently her ‘critical care series.’ Go check them out.

2. My good friend Emma and her vlogs. I remember the day she told me she was going to start Vlogging because she’s so bad at gaming it’s hilarious. So she started doing a blogging challenge for the great Osmond hospital charity where she did a live stream gaming Vlog every single day for 356 days. Now, a year later she has over 1,000 subscribers and her own clothing line!

“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it” – William Arthur Ward

3. Dann Gooding – Danns Journal blog site Dann is a fabulous writer! I read his blogs and they always sounds so well structured and they sound so professional. I love reading other people’s writing styles, it’s so great to see how different everyone is. I’m very jealous that I can’t write so beautifully like this. Dann is a writing inspiration and passionate about nursing. Go check his blogs out.

4. Kyle and Jacob from 2Ordinary Guys Vlog These two are aspiring paramedics who are very passionate about caring for others. I love watching their journey to becoming student paramedics, which they start in September! Eeee! I’m so excited for them. I can’t wait to see them progress.

5. Sez Francis – Sez Francis channel Is a wonderful channel by Sez, she is an autistic and epileptic creator! She’s very passionate and informative about her own conditions and is just great to watch. And she loves Disney! It’s great to hear her story and get some tips from her videos as a student nurse so that I can help patients in my care who might have autism.

I’ve ran out of numbers and I have so many more to add! So I’m going to just add the list here of people to go and check out because they are amazing and deserve a huge audience!

Collaboration blogs by The Student Nurse Project

Blogging all things mental health:

Victoria Cox


Beth Hunt

Adult field nursing student:

Danielle Evans

Debbie Brennan


For the doctors:

Dr Andrea Dinardo

Let’s here it for American blogs!

Nurse Fred

and last but not least, some absolutely amazing people who are an inspiration to me daily:

Rosie Schofield

Claire Flatt

Rachael – This is a new blog I found yesterday! Rachael blogs about her stoma care and it’s fabulous to raise awareness.

Tony Warne

I’m really sorry if I’ve missed someone out! But if you have vlogs and blogs to share, give me a comment so I can read them 😊 I look forward to reading or listening to your story, wherever you are in this world.

Charlotte Hall who also does vlogs on her twitter page @charlotteRCN – how could I leave out the creator of the 30 day blogger challenge?!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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