A photo of you

Day 18 of the Nurse blogger / NHS Horizons – 30 day blogger challenge.

I could just put a photo here and that will be that OR I could go through my most embarrassing photos and share those with you? Ok they probably aren’t THAT embarrassing haha but I do have a baby photo to include here, so let’s start!

Me as a baby, maybe 10 months old??

I am not sure whether it is fortunate or unfortunate that I have zero baby pictures of me? Haha. I’m also not sure what I was chewing on here and if this is a hazard?!

My next photo, excuse the marvellous hair do.. we’ve all been there haha. But this is one IMG_3591of my favourites, my and (that’s right) Mr-T himself! He played the genie in Aladdin when I was younger, I think maybe 6? It was my friends birthday and my nan and co had arranged for us all to go back stage and meet him!

The next photo, one of my favourite places, NYC – IMG_3589Central Park. In November 2016, I made the bold and brave move to do it alone. I found some VERY cheap flights £200 return with Virgin and couldn’t say no?! I ended up staying in a hostel (which was right next to Times Square) and I had such a great experience. I sat in central park for around 4 hours just amazed at how beautiful it looked. I picked November to go because Autumn is my favourite time of year and I imagined central park to be at its most beautiful during this time. I was right… stunning

My next photo, is my main profile picture, because I am proud to be a student imagenurse today at Birmingham City University. I have enjoyed every moment of this nursing journey and I look forward to getting my blues on and having a NQN photo to pair up with this one!


Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone! Enjoy.




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