What’s my favourite nursing topic?

Day 19 of the nurse blogger / NHS Horizons – 30 day blogger challenge.

I can’t help to share a very detailed / gross (to some) nursing topic, over the dinner table with family who don’t understand why you think this is a normal thing to be doing haha! When I say detailed, I don’t mean patient information, I don’t mean breaking confidentiality at all. I DO mean, the sort of conversation that involves what different types of bowel motions there are, the specific smell of C-Diff, bacteria vaginosis or a leg ulcer. How about, the lovely green coloured slough that comes from an infected wound that we LOVE to see heal.

(Google image 2018)

I love talking about all things tissue viability! I love wounds. I love seeing the most horrific wounds but then what I really love more is seeing that wound heal because of your correct assessment and wound management! Something I discovered on my GP placement recently 💙 I cared for a patient who had a nice wound on their arm following a fall. I assessed and dressed this wound for a couple of weeks and it was so lovely to see it decrease in size, slough completely gone and patient discharged from my care. This made my whole soul happy! For this reason, I have chosen wound management for my care plan and rationale assignment at university and I’ve absolutely loved writing it!

Pick something you love to write and it won’t be a chore to write. It won’t seem like an assignment at all – a tip from our lecturer Nicola Clarke and she’s right!

My other favourite topic to talk about is sexual health and family planning! I have worked as a HCA in this area for over 4 years now. I have observed nurses, doctors and consultants in that time and I’d like to think my knowledge on it is pretty good! In general, if I know what I’m talking about, I love talking about it haha. Or if I’m passionate about something, I will find ways to talk about it and hope people don’t drop off to sleep haha!

What’s your favourite nursing topic? Let me know.

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