What 6 things make me happy?

Day 20 of the blogger nurse / NHS Horizons – 30 day challenge.

There are 101 things that make me happy. What doesn’t make me happy haha. I’m generally a happy go lucky person, very chilled out, laid back and it takes a lot to get me down. I thrive under pressure because of this. It’s something I’ve always been praised at work for is my calmness during difficult situations.

But what makes me REALLY happy? In no particular order.

  1. My partner – I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. She pushes me to be my best self. Encourages me to face my fears and makes me tea in the morning! Without her support I wouldn’t be here today, doing all that I do.
  2. My dog Joey – He has his moments but when he jumps into bed in the morning and cuddles me before he leaves for work with my partner, this is the happiest he makes me.
  1. Seeing patients progressing and getting better because of the care they receive. It’s the most wonderful feeling knowing your patients are on the mend. The best feeling is knowing you have been part of that care 💙
  2. Tea and cake. I have to start my day with a nice cup of tea. I love cake! Cake makes me happy. All different colours and varieties. I even do a little happy dance. I tend to do a little happy food dance every time I’m eating a good meal! So if you’ve invited me round for dinner, watch out. Haha!
  1. Autumn – my favourite season. The feeling of the sun on your skin but the crisp air flowing across your face. The crunch of the leaves below your feet and the wonderful colours autumn brings. Someone one told me, trees are at the most natural state and natural colour in the autumn. I never looked into this but it made me happy and so does autumn.
  2. Disney – I don’t even think this needs an explanation. Whatever mood you’re in, there is a Disney movie for it. To lift my mood and bring a smile to my face. You’re never too old for Disney. Disney world is the most happy and magical place ✨
  • My list extends to other things but I will be here all day listing them all. You all know that helping others makes me happy, helping other students and creating a positive vibe throughout nursing. So I wanted to share with you some alternatives that are so important to me that maybe you don’t know.
  • What are your top 6?? What makes you truly happy in life?

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