5 things I do on every shift

Day 22 of the nurse bloggers / NHS Horizons – 30 day blogger challenge.


5 things I do on my shift:

  1. Arrive at least 30 minutes so that I can have my second cup of tea and a snack before starting my shift.
  2. Motivate the staff around me to be their best self.
  3. Remain calm at all times, I mentioned this previously. But I am the most calmest person you will ever meet under any situation. I walked into the kitchen in my previous job, and the grill was on fire and no one had noticed… I stood there calmly and said ‘your grill is on fire’ … To which, people looked and then panicked but it was all fine in the end. Calmness is built into me.
  4. Encourage people to take a break! I know patients come first, but who will be there to look after them, if we are all keeling over from malnutrition and dehydration? Having a rest break is so important for staff. I have been there myself, I have missed a break because I was more focused on helping the patients in my care and that’s more important to me. But sometimes we have to look after ourselves to be the best for our patients.
  5. Kindness. No mater how other people treat me, I will always be kind in return. I have had a few times where people have spoken to me like I am dirt on their shoe, but killing them with kindness makes my day. Their attitude is no reflection of me and you shouldn’t take it personally. Why? Because if they have to go out their way to be unkind and treat you like that, there might be something going on in their own life at home etc… you never know what someone is going through. I won’t be an addition to that, I will be that kind person to them.


There are also the standard things we all do, pens – check, notepad – check. What 5 things do you do every shift? Let me know. Happy Sunday! 

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