10 people you should follow on twitter…

Day 24 of the nurse blogger / NHS Horizons – 30 day blogger challenge

The easiest and fastest way to answer is, follow who you find interesting. Take a look at peoples profiles, see what things they post and if you want to see more, follow them ❤️

To be honest, people get lost in the twittersphere, so if I haven’t seen someone’s posts for a while I will hunt you down and come and be nosey haha. But here are my top 10 people that I follow. People who I purposely go out and look for their pages and posts to see what they have posted recently. I’m also trying to think of people who I haven’t already mentioned in previous blogs haha. Shorter answer is, go into my following list and check everyone out!

In no particular order.

  1. Birmingham City University (BCU Nursing) – all accounts, my cohort of student nurses and pretty much whatever student interacts with them too! I love my university and I love the community we have across twitter. (Follow your university and students)
  2. The Student Nurse Project – A team of dedicated student nurses from different fields and qualified nurse to provide information, help and advice to others.
  3. Kenny Gibons (RN) – Kenny spreads positivity every morning across twitter. It’s a great way to start your day. Just follow the #EarlyRisersClub
  4. Ignar Rip – A wonderful campaigner for those with dementia and identity as LGBTQ. He is also an ambassador for #pinksocks go check them out!
  5. Know Your Organs – part of the BCU family. Sharing a quiz to test your knowledge every Sunday. I’m awful at them but you might be better haha.
  6. NHS Horizons – sharing fantastic ways to challenge yourself all year. There is always a 30 day challenge going on to take part in. It’s fabulous and keeps you motivated.
  7. Charlotte Hall – purely for her diaries! I love watching her vlogs on twitter, she’s so motivated and always happy! Even when angry, I can’t imagine her looking it haha.
  8. Nurse Bloggers – creates by Charlotte Hall to inspire and share each other’s blogs. She created the 30 day blogger challenge and I love it!
  9. The RCN – to keep up to date with all your nursing politics and information. Have a look at becoming a student information officer too! (If you aren’t already).
  10. Sez Francis – A wonderful YouTuber who is an autistic, epileptic creator and she’s fabulous! She’s great to learn from 🙂

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