What is my hidden talent?

Day 26 of the Nurse Blogger / NHS Horizons – 30 day blogger challenge.


Personally, I think to be a nurse you have to have talent! A talent that no one can teach you. But aside from nursing, my own personal talent (if you can call it this) is…

  • I can shake my eyeballs? I know… such a talent haha! Luckily I have not detached my retina doing this. I have no clue how I ever discovered this either? I just happened to do it one day… very odd. I have tried to get it on video but it doesn’t show up very well, so you will just have to ask me when you see me haha.
  • I can also play the spoons badly? Does that count?
  • I have the amazing ability to sleep through ANYTHING and anywhere?

Anyway, enough of my fantastic talents, you will all be very jealous haha! Unfortunately, I don’t play any real musical instruments, I can not sing to save my life and I have actually no real life talent that I can use for a Britains Got Talent show.

I am sorry this blog post isn’t that exciting haha. If I think of anything else, I will come back and add them.

Oh wait, I have one! I am fantastic at taking bloods!!! YES! I knew I had one special nursing talent haha. In my HCA role I have been trained to do venipuncture bloods. I have been doing this for over 4 years now and mastered it from day 1. So much so, I get the fainters, needle phobic people come to me, as I have the secret ability to do bloods without them blinking an eye. One patient, had really bad experiences previously, and no one would do their bloods due to it. I got them into my room, lay them down, and went through a series of weird and wonderful questions to distract them whilst I did their bloods. They were amazed at what I had did and would only come to me for bloods after this haha! Need your bloods doing? I am here all day… thank you and goodnight haha!

What’s your talent? 

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