Is Nursing in my family?

Day 27 of the Nurse Blogger / NHS Horizons – 30 day blogger challenge.


Quite simply, no. I will be the first qualified nurse in the family, in fact, quite possibly the first person to have a degree on this side of our family! An honour 🙂 I know my Aunt Janette started her nursing training but she gave it up as she wanted to be an air hostess. But to be honest, I do not know the full family history, so maybe one day, if I decide to look back into my history, I might just find a qualified nurse somewhere.

I have spoke previously about why I wanted to nurse and how I got into it, so I won’t bore you too much with the same details here. However, I will share with you that I was once told by a clairvoyant / spiritualist that I would become a nurse one day and this was back when I was working in hospitality. It was actually one of the things that made me come out of hospitality along with wanting a complete career change. It was one of those things were, I knew I respected and loved the nursing profession, along with personal circumstance, but  never thought that I could ever become a nurse. So this comment was the initial thing that got me thinking about nursing as my career, in which, I went out and got my very first care home job in 2005 where I fell in love with nursing and realised that I could do this!

Do you have any nursing in your family? How did you get into nursing? Let me know. 

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