My Proudest Moment

Day 29 of the blogger nurse / NHS Horizons – 30 day blogger challenge.


Pride: one of the seven deadly sins… But why? Not that I am religious at all and no offence to those who are. I didn’t think I had ever had anything to be proud of through my life. It has only been recently that I have learnt to appreciate my achievements.  I think we should ALL be shouting about our proudest moments, why? Because it might motivate someone else. Someone else might see what you have done and think ‘I need to do that.’ We could spread these proud moments and encourage others to become their best self. On the other hand, it may make someone feel a little bit rubbish about themselves at the same time, because maybe they are feeling like I did a few years ago; not being able to recognise my own abilities. If you are this person, take a moment, think about your life and the good within it. Remember YOU will have done some amazing things to shout about, for one, you are still here today!  Be proud to be you.

I had a whole list of proud moments to write about, but to be honest, you probably already know them because all I do is shout about my moments to anyone that will listen haha. This isn’t because I think I am better than anyone else, it’s because I never thought I could ever achieve the things I have! I’m shocked at myself. I have spent too long putting myself down, it’s about time I recognised what I have achieved in my life.

So, I have actually decided to do a shout out to all those people who I am proud of instead!

  • Firstly, to every student nurse out there: This course is tough, we have 2300 placement hours we have to do, and the new students will be paying themselves to work essentially. There is a massive nursing shortage right now and the placements can be tough going. As well as those placements you have deadlines looming, your life is restricted, and you barely see your friends and family, but you do it anyway! Because every single one of you are amazing. You won’t let anything get in the way of your dream to becoming a nurse, dedicating your life to helping others and that makes you special! Be proud of yourselves right now! I am proud of every single student nurse out there.


  • With the above said, I want to add: I am so proud of every student nurse who is doing the above, AS WELL as having mental health. You stand today despite everything! You push through, and fight off your demons, you are quite possibly the strongest people I know. You will make incredible nurses because of the journey you have experienced. You should be proud of yourselves for everything you have achieved and are going to achieve in the future. I am so proud of you all! 


  • Qualified nurses: You are all amazing! With the huge strain and pressure on our NHS right now, you are all still standing. You have pulled together when the times are tough, you have always been there for your patients, even go without breaks to ensure you patients are ok! You put in the hours to get no thanks sometimes. Well, thank you all! Without you, this NHS wouldn’t be functioning at all. You should be proud of yourselves every single day for everything you do. Stand proud to know that you have done the best job you can for every patient in your care. I am proud of you. 


  • Birmingham City University (BCU): Of course, I have to be proud of them! My university has been fantastic. I wouldn’t be who I am today without them. Every staff member does a fantastic job to help us students. Some lecturers / tutors go well out there way to help us. Not only that, but a lot of them still work as nurses along side the lecturing too! I am proud of them all. Proud to be part of the university and proud to be a student nurse at BCU.


  • Patients: I am so proud of patients, it must be awful having to need nurses in their life. Some patients are quite proud people and do not want our help at times, but they swallow that pride and come and get the help. There are so many patients out there that have been affected by many things in life, different conditions, diseases, operations, transfusions, etc. Yet, they are some of the strongest people I have met. There’s a very true saying:

‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’

These patients seem more determined than ever. To those patients, who are also nurse lecturers and student nurses, I am proud of you all! You have all come so far and do amazing things. You amaze me most days over social media with the wonderful things you do. You turn your negativity around into a positive one, despite feeling rubbish inside. You all rock! I am proud to know you and you all deserve the world given to you with everything you have all been through. Thank you for being you and sharing your journey with us.


  • To anyone reading this blog, I am proud of you! You made it to the end… thank you! Haha!



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