5 Top Tips in Nursing

Day 30, the final and last day of the Blogger nurse / NHS Horizons – 30 day blogger challenge.


This is tricky because it depends on where on your nursing journey you are at. But let’s see….

  • Firstly, don’t worry if you don’t know something! We don’t have built in memory storage like a computer, we are human. Never risk patient safety because you are too scared to ask. Just ask, because we don’t know it all. Even top consultants need advice and knowledge from others sometimes.

It’s ok to not know.

  • Take time out for yourself! Nursing can be tough, and you can burn out if you do not take the time to rest and recharge those batteries. You are not a robot, you are human. Never be ashamed to take some self-care. I also need to take this advice myself lately!
  • Remain professional and calm at all times – I know this can sometimes be hard, but there will be people out there that try and test you. You will either respond and have to face the consequence of that or you can ignore and carry on. Believe me, it takes A LOT for me to be affected by anything, but there has been times that I have wanted to respond to something or someone and had to stop myself and ask ‘what will it achieve?’ The person is a reflection of themselves, not of you. Please remain professional and show that you are the bigger person. Instead, maybe write it down, get it out of the system, and then shred it.
  • Student nurses coming into the profession – Be organised! Prioritise everything you have to do for university. You’re family and friends will still be there at the end of your 3 years. If they are good family and friends they will understand that nursing has to come first. Get up an hour early each morning to do some work. I arrive at uni an hour and a half early to cram in my work. Means you can have the evenings free! Don’t make excuses not to do your work.
  • “No one in this world is busy, it’s all about their priorities” – unknown.

    • Look out for your colleagues. It can be a lonely world if you don’t work together as a team. We spend the majority of our lives at work. Work / university, where ever you are in the nursing journey, they become your family. The people around you become your strength in times of need but you can also be theirs. Team work is a collaboration between people, which results in sharing ideas, weaknesses as well as the strengths. Team work is a jigsaw puzzle of people, fitting nicely together to make one whole. Always look out for colleagues who might be down, might be struggling and

    be a rainbow in someones cloud today – Maya Angelou

    So that’s it, the 30 day blogging challenge it over! I have really enjoyed this past month! A fantastic challenge and I am really going to miss writing every day with this. Thank you to Charlotte Hall for setting this up as part of the NHS Horizons challenges. It’s been amazing and I am sure it has encouraged others to start blogging too! šŸ™‚

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