Nursing in Society Module – University

Hi all!

I have been a busy bee this past month, with the 30 day blogger challenge. I just thought I would catch everyone up with what we have been doing lately at university.

We’ve had the launch of our new module: Nursing Practice 3 (NP3) and I love it! This module is preparing us for our NP3 exam in September.

We’ve had 3 case study ‘patients’ that we’ve had to assess and try and work out what is wrong with them. We’ve been given the assessment tools needed for each patient as well as the physiology lectures to give us the knowledge behind each condition they have. So, who’s our case studies?

  • Meet Adam – Case study number 1. (I don’t want to go into too much detail because I don’t want to give anything away for the other students at BCU). Adam presents to A&E with his friend, he’s been out on the town, getting drunk and eating lavish food. He feels very unwell; his observations (BP, heart rate, respiratory rate etc) are all off the chart. Adam also has diabetes. What’s wrong with him?
  • Next, we had Audrey. Her observations are also off the chart. However, she’s had a recent chest infection which could be causing this…. or is it….
  • Lastly, we have just started Anastazia. Again, she’s arriving at A&E with her observations raised – not all, just some initially. She also has a lot of abdominal pain, should and head pain. Wonder what could be causing this….

This module has been great so far! It’s great that everything is linking together nicely from first year. We’ve learnt quite a lot of anatomy and physiology over the past 18 months and I’m so glad it’s all making sense now! I wouldn’t have understood half of this last year. It’s amazing to look back over the last 18 months and see that I am improving and building on my knowledge.

Alongside this we’ve had our other module: Nursing in Society. This module has been based around a couple of things.

  • We have had to learn about mother and baby as part of the curriculum. So, we were given the task of designing a leaflet around a mother and baby issue. The lecturers gave us a range of topics to discuss, I picked breastfeeding for mine. I designed the health promotion leaflet and then we had to write a 1,000 – word rationale on the information based in the leaflet; the evidence and research behind what I have just written.
  • We then had a couple of case studies to have a look at: Brad who has a laceration to his wrist as a result of self-harm and his mother Carole who has a lot of issues going on with her; alcohol dependency, loneliness, hypertension etc. We had to pick one and write up a care plan for them and then a 1500 rationale on this one too. I chose wounds for this one as it’s a topic I love!

If you enjoy writing it, it’s not really work is it…

To be honest, I’ve thoroughly LOVED writing these rationales! These have been right up my street. Fingers crossed for an amazing grade for them!

We then had Professional Values and Evidence Based Practice (PVEBP). This module was set around a patient called Jeremy who has dementia and a whole range of nursing problems.

  • Our very first assessment was a poster presentation. We were given groups and had to put together a poster based around dementia and an intervention using research and a CASP tool for that research. We had to appraise and analyse the research we had found and then put it all into a poster. I actually really enjoyed going through the research with the CASP tool! It was actually fun to find the strengths and weaknesses of it! If I am out doing it, I enjoy it. If I’m sat listening and being taught research, I don’t…
  • Next, to go along side this, we were given a 2000-word assignment to write. Based around Jeremy and any one of his nursing problems. We have to provide holistic care and talk about the laws and ethics surrounding it all.

✅ Care Plan & 1500 – word rationale

✅ Leaflet and 1000 – word rationale

✅Poster presentation and 2000 –  word assignment

Phew… what a work load! Haha. Luckily, I’m such an organised person! With a month left until submission for one and a month and a half for the others! All I have to do is check them over now.

Now you’d think that was enough, wouldn’t you? Nope we have a drug calculations maths exam next week!! Next Wednesday! If you could all cross your fingers and pray for me that would be fantastic! We have to get 8/10 for this one, I’m hoping I don’t make silly mistakes!

All in the past 10 – 12 weeks. It’s no wonder I feel burnt out right now haha! The good news is, 1: I’ve really enjoyed it all, remained organised and done it and 2: all I have left now is to revise. My days off can now be spent relaxing and not writing assignments or posters. We have 2 weeks left at university and then 2 weeks off. Some self-care and time out is definitely needed right now ❤️

What’s your month been like?

2 thoughts on “Nursing in Society Module – University

  1. Loved reading this Claire! You’ve been so busy, congrats for getting it all done and absolutely nailing the blogging challenge/student nurse project/life!


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