Live results for poster presentation

9th August 2018

Dear diary,

This morning I arrived at university, nice and early. We had the exciting yet nerve wrecking news that we will receive our poster presentation results today! A day early. Panic mode set it, at full throttle! I had been so nervous all week for these results. Not only this, today was our last day at university, so we were all sat in TGI Fridays when we finally had the notification that the results were live. Now the time is here, I couldn’t log in fast enough as I was so nervous. I was shaking in fact.

The first thing I saw on my results screen was 40%!! I sat, had a mild heart attack and then looked again, ‘pass mark for this is 40%’ phew. Not my grade. I scrolled down the page to get my actual result and there it was – 60% grade. I was gutted. My heart sank to the floor. I didn’t meet my target goal of at least 70%! My friends must have thought I was being ridiculous. It’s a pass after all, and a clear pass! Not just a scrape through. But I wasn’t happy. I had set myself such high targets and this didn’t meet them.

I got home, I cried. I made a Vlog to reflect and get it all out and now, I feel better! Much better about it all. This is why it’s so important to get it out, take some time to reflect and feel better about the situation. It really has helped me.

I am so grateful I have passed and I’m that one step closer to qualifying. These are little stepping stones to the final destination and I only have 15 months left until I qualify! I can’t wait.

Today was the last day of taught lectures for year 2! I wasn’t sure whether to smile or cry. It’s always so emotional leaving university. Leaving your friends behind again, everyone going their separate ways to head to their placements.

It’s great because we do plan to all meet up during September and then probably for our Christmas meal again (which is what we all did last year). I love seeing them all and catching up. Seeing what everyone has learnt during their placements. Combining all of our knowledge together. It’s so lovely.

So that’s it for today. What’s next for me?

  • Assignment submission at the end of August.
  • Nursing Practice 3 exam in September.
  • Community scoping experience from the end of August to the end of September.
  • Placement end of September until the end of November.
  • Then November, that’s me officially finished for second year! This is going way too fast! It’s scary.
  • Thanks for listening. Have a great weekend everyone!
  • here is my week Vlog of: live results, drug calculations, last day at uni and placement allocations! Phew. What a week.
  • Click here for video

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