Tackling Period Poverty

Hi all,

I just wanted to share a little project I’ve helped my friend Kelly Walker-Reed(the founder of project Give and Inspiring Healthy Choices) set up and run. It’s called Project Give – Wolverhampton.

Aims / mission of Project Give:

We were appalled to hear that young people were missing school due to their period. Some people use tissue paper or even worse… nothing when they are on their period. Why?

  1. 48% of young people stated that they are too embarrassed about periods. A huge 71% felt too embarrassed buying sanitary products.
  2. They simply can’t afford it. Something needed to be done to help these young people and empower them. 1 in 10 young people have been unable to afford to purchase sanitary products. With 1 in 5 buying a less suitable product to save money.
  • (Statistics from Plan International UK 2017)
  • It is our mission at Project Give to help eradicate period poverty across the city of Wolverhampton. We chose Wolverhampton to start with as it is one of the most deprived areas in the U.K. The latest health report also suggested a poorer health outcome too.

    We firmly believe that no young person should ever miss education in the 21st century, least of all because they have their period.


    • Grow a network of supportive partners and engage with the local community.
    • Inspire young people to be more body aware, confident and knowledgeable about their menstrual cycles.
    • Value; our partners, volunteers, supporters and young people.
    • Educate the young people of Wolverhampton in subjects which effect them but rarely get discussed in great detail.
  • Give young people a better chance of success
  • (Project Give Wolverhampton 2018)
  • we are collecting any donations of sanitary products so that we can put together boxes to send to schools free of charge. This will be a safe place where students can get their products in a discreet manner and make them feel human again.
  • In return this will raise school attendance, enabling a better education for young people and give them the power back! The power of having a better period. Period.
  • Please see our social media links, like, share, get involved and let’s help end period poverty.
  • Facebook: Project GIVE Wolverhampton Facebook page
  • Twitter: Project Give Wolverhampton Twitter Page @Projectgivewv

    🌻How did it feel when you first started your period?

    🌼Where were you when it happened?

    🌸Did you know about periods beforehand?

    🏵Was it scary?

    🌷Who reassured you?

    All stories will be anonomised and collated into an article. Send us an inbox with your stories 💚

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