Nursing Student – The Snowdon Challenge

Hi all!

This Saturday we are climbing Snowdon for Charity. The Cavell Trust Charity who are amazing!

Who are the Cavell Trust?

A charity who help healthcare professionals which they are in financial need. This charity was set up in the name of Edith Cavell born on December 4th 1865 in Swardeston. Edith was a nurse and was inspire into nursing when her father become unwell at home and she cared for him. She cared for the wounded during the First World War stating:

“At a time like this, I am more needed than ever”

saving the lives of over 200 men regardless of their nationality.

Throughout October there are many ways to raise money as part of the #10kForNurses where you do 10,000 of anything your way to raise funds for this amazing charity. I picked Snowdon because I knew it would be a real challenge for me. My fitness levels aren’t the greatest and this challenge will really push me physically and mentally.

We have a team of 4 of us. Myself, Kate Dixon, Melissa Heslop and our wonderful senior nurse lecturer Anne-Marie Dobson. Together we are looking to raise £1,000.

If you can spare any pennies or pounds please go onto our donation page and give anything you can. Even single penny helps this fantastic charity. Give back to those nurses who need it most 💙

Click here for our donation page 🙂 thank you!

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