Orthopaedic Ward Common Abbreviations

Hi everyone,

My recent placement was out on the orthopaedic ward and it was such a fantastic learning experience for me. I want to share all of the things I have learnt so that it might prepare you for your placement out on an orthopaedic ward.

First things first… abbreviations! I really don’t like them… Because what means one thing in one area, means something completely different in another. For example, PID, which actually means; pelvic inflammatory disease in genealogy but out on the wards and hospitals it means patient identification. However, if you google this, the only thing you will find is pelvic inflammatory disease. Not something you want to get wrong with a patient really…

So here is a list of all the abbreviations I had on my ward (DISCLAIMER – These might mean something different in other areas, always check with your own department).

ABG – Arterial Blood Gas

ABX – Antibiotics

ANTT – Aseptic non-touch technique

AVPU – Alert / Voice / Pain / Unresponsive

BD -Twice Daily

BLS – Basic Life Support

BO / BNO – Bowels Open / Bowels Not Open

CBD – Catheter Bag Draining

COPD – Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

CPR – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

CRP – C-reactive protein

CSU – Catheter Specimen of Urine

CXR – Chest Xray

DHS – Dynamic Hip Screw

DM – Diabetes Mellitus

DNAR – Do Not Attempt Resuscitation

DVT – Deep Vein Thrombosis

ECG – Electrocardiogram

FBC – Full Blood Count

FWB – Full Weight Bearing

GCS – Glasgow Coma Scale

GF – Gutter Frame

GI – Gastrointestinal

HCA – Healthcare Assistant

HDU – High Dependancy Unit

HR – Heart Rate

HTN – Hypertension

HH – Hand Hold

IM – Intramuscular

IV – Intravenous

INC – Incontinent

MDT – Multidisciplinary Team

MFFD – Medically Fit For Discharge

MUA – Manipulation Under Anaesthetic

NWB – Non-weight Bearing

NBM – Nil By Mouth

NOF / #NOF – Neck of Femur / Fractured Neck of Femur

NORSE – Images linked to Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

NAD – No Abnormalities Detected

OD – Once a Day

OPA – Outpatient Appointment

ORIF – Open Reduction Internal Fixation

POC – Package of Care

PRN – As required

QDS – Four Times a Day

R/V – Review

ROC – Removal of Clips

SVU – Self-voiding of Urine

S/C – Self-caring

TDS – Three Times a Day

THR – Total Hip Replacement

TOC – Transfer of Care

TTO – Tablets to Take Out

ZF – Zimmer frame

Those were the most common ones we used on our ward. Have a look and if there are any ones that you use on your area let me know! Add them to the comments for other people to see 🙂


Thanks for reading!






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