Third year nursing physiology and assignments

Hi all,

So third year has kicked off with a bang! I am now 4 weeks in and loving it all. We had our physiology exam launched and initially this terrified me, and still part of me is fearing the exam. However, as we’ve been learning these case studies, it does seem to be getting easier. We started off with Liver Cirrhosis and now we are onto COPD and sepsis – my favourite so far!

We have the most amazing lecturer who you can see is so passionate about nursing and patient care / safety. I love it! His aim is to teach us students, to a high level so that the future of nursing is brighter and more lives are saved. Great way to look at it I think.

I have done a couple of videos on my weeks and how I’ve been feeling as I’ve gone along. You can take a look at these here:

And just to update you all, out 3000 word Policy and Politics assignment was launched and I only have 500 words left to write!! Amazing start! It’s not due to be submitted until April, so I have plenty of time to edit and perfect it now. Just revision and research for our ACPE now, come on!

I hope you all have an amazing week ahead of you. Keep smiling and keep being you 💙 life is too short for anything less.

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