Community District Nursing – Week 1

Hi all!

It’s been a very long while since I sat and blogged properly. But I am back in action!

As you know, with my GP placement (I blogged most weeks / days) because I fell in love with primary care and had to share it with the world (those of you who have read these). Well, this week, on the 2nd of September 2019 was the very first day of my final – management placement! And it is with the community district nursing team 🙂 Today is my third day with them and oh my… It’s been incredible already. I can see myself having the best 12 weeks of management (I’m sure that’s not supposed to be happening?! Surely as students we are supposed to fear this one? Haha!)

So, firstly, I was so excited to start this placement for a couple of reasons;

1. It was a mile down the road and takes me 15 – 20 minutes to walk to

2. Amazing hours (mostly 9-5) and

3. True holistic care again! In my head, I already had this placement as a great one. I had never worked with the district nurses before, I had only seen them when I worked in the care homes and when they came to care for my grandad at home. I wasn’t sure what to expect really but I knew it would be good either way.

On my first day, I was put with a fantastic mentor. She was so knowledgable and experienced it was amazing. We had a whole day of wound management and compression bandages for Lymphedema (something I love!) However, I always thought my wound management was quite good… until now. I hadn’t realised how many types of wounds there are; different looks, sizes, causes, and just how each patients body is different in healing them. It’s really more complex than I ever thought. I suddenly felt (still feel) very incompetent in something and definitely something I need to work on – wound management (dressings, lotions and potions mainly). Luckily, wound management is something I love and knew I loved from the first time I stepped foot on a surgical ward.

I was given a couple of website links by the wonderful Kenny Gibson on twitter for wound management which is going to be a fantastic help! These links are: Wound management and NICE guidelines – thank you to Kenny for these! This will be an amazing help with my learning and sharing them here for others to read up on too. Overall, it’s been an amazing first few days and I’ve already done so much with this team. Let’s not forget to mention how fantastic this team is! They are all incredible, so passionate, caring, welcoming and most importantly – they will do everything they can for their patients to maintain they safety, keep them healthy and out of hospital. So what have I done so far?

• Wound management

• Washing feet and legs and re-dressing

• Observed compression bandages / Lymphedema

• Given Clexane Injections

• Skin checks – for pressure areas

• New patient assessments

• Gone over prescription charts

• Falls & manual handling risk assessment

• MUST risk assessments

• Writing Care plans

• Safeguarding referral

• Social worker referral

• Ordering stock for patients

• Catheter Insertion

• Variety of mental health, learning disabilities and elderly patients (so far).

What a busy few days it’s been but nothing other than fantastic! I am so excited for the rest of my placement and can’t wait to share it all with you ready for my transition to a newly qualified nurse.

But for now, it’s goodnight from me.

One thought on “Community District Nursing – Week 1

  1. When I was a nursing student. My favourite clinical placement is district nursing. It is a fantastic area. Enjoy your learning, Claire.


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