Final Sign Off Week

Hi all, it’s been a while since I wrote diary entry style! But I thought it would be a nice touch for my final week EVER as a student nurse!

Monday 18th November 2019 – 8.50am: 

“Morning all, It’s my final Monday as a student nurse!!! Whoop!” 

I said as I leaped into the office to start my shift ‘god they are going to hate me by the end of this week…’ haha! Today, I feel excited, I am almost at the end of my 3 wonderful years of this degree. Many students fear this part by the sounds of it? People don’t feel ready, they feel nervous? Me, I can’t wait! I feel so ready to finish and let the real learning begin! I’m excited for my new chapter, new beginnings and a new life ahead of me as a newly qualified nurse.

17:45pm: I am home and I have the dinner prepping! It’s so lovely to finish at a regular time and be able to cook and settle down for the evening – This is why I love primary care (Community and GP nursing).

So today, we had a mixture of clinics and home visits with patients. All different types of wounds and compression today. It’s been a very calm day actually… which I’m hoping I haven’t just jinxed! Usually on my final week of placement something happens… Usually on my final day actually, is when everything goes wrong. Not wrong for me as such, but the team and patients! But fingers crossed, it’s going to be the perfect last week for me. Here’s to Tuesday! I am ready for you.

Tuesday 19th November 2019 – 8:00am: 

I have been sat here eating my breakfast, drinking my tea and catching up with social media before leaving to start my shift this morning. This is my regular routine every morning – I have to wake early to just relax before heading to work, I take some time to reflect, and prep myself for the day ahead of me. The sun is shining through my window, I am very lucky at the moment because the sun always rises in this way.Screenshot 2019-11-21 at 18.53.50 Theres a beautiful mist across Birmingham with white glistening frost on the roof tops and trees. I couldn’t of asked for a more perfect morning actually, my favourite kind. Blue skies, sunshine and frost so that you have to wrap up warm.

Anyway, “It’s my final Tuesday as a student nurse!!!!” This isn’t going to get boring at all! Sorry all! Haha. I am excited for today and to see what it brings. Something I have been thinking of today is ‘what I want to achieve for my final week’ – this is something my mentor asked me yesterday and said to think and let her know. In all honestly, I want to leave something behind for the next student. I have done so much on this placement and learnt so much, I would really love to create a little guide / welcome for the next student coming in.. So that’s what I am doing this week! I have started by looking in the BNF at wound management and first line dressings for different types of wounds. I’d like to make a little table for the next student (I know this wound have helped me at the start, so hopefully they will benefit from this too).

20:00pm: I have just sat down to relax after a busy day. Despite being busy, it was fantastic! Plus, I always like to stay busy anyway. We had 12 patients on our list today, some lived a couple of miles away from the other, so it was a bit of driving around as well as seeing the patients. We had a mixture of wounds, nephrostomy bag change and a enoxaparin injection.  

That’s it for today, I am off to finish watching the big debate on ITV… and then I’m a celeb before bed. Goodnight all.


Wednesday 20th November 2019 –  8:00pm: 

I woke this morning to the most beautiful sunrise (see photo). Screenshot 2019-11-21 at 18.53.37It was a sign of a good day ahead of me.

8:40am: I strolled to placement with a smile on my face, listening to my shuffled playlist on iTunes. I arrived at placement, got into the lift to the second floor (where our office is based). The lift stopped on the first floor, the doors always open here, right in front of the waiting room where all the patients sit and stare at the doors opening. As the doors open, I saw one of our patients faces, this patient is always early for all of their appointments and they smiled and waved at me across the room. The patient looked so happy to see me standing there in the lift and it made my heart absolutely melt. My eyes filled up a little bit as I continued up to my floor. I thought ‘how lovely was that… that’s my patient, who’s genuinely happy to see me.‘ It’s gone straight into my main memory bank to be stored as one of the happiest moments of this degree. I have had a few little moments like this throughout, that have just picked me up and helped me moved forward. Patients don’t realise what huge difference to someone they make. We always think, nurses are the ones making the difference and caring etc for patients, but to me, it’s very much the other way around. Patient make my day, they keep my heart full and this soul happy without even realising it.

The little things really do make the biggest impact.

17:00pm: It was a lovely calm day all in all, we had a mixture of patients in clinic and some home visits. As I finished later yesterday the team leader let me go earlier today as we had finished all our patients earlier and as I had finished a little late yesterday – yay! Early dinner for me, winner winner!

Thursday 21st November 2019 – 8.00am: Today is a little bit dark and cold outside, but I plan to bring my own sunrise to the team today. It’s the eve of my final EVER day as a student nurse!!! Whoop! I am so excited, and I cannot wait for tomorrow already. I have a spring in my step and looking forward to the day with my mentor.

18:00pm: Today has been lovely as always, in fact this whole week (so far) has been great! Very relaxed, nothing too strenuous, just all wonderful. We had a few patients in clinic and then one home visit to do. We headed back to the office for lunch and handover and then we had all the messages, emails, phone calls and prescriptions to write. My mentor sat down with me afterwards to go through my placement documents and sign as much off as she can. She isn’t a sign off mentor, so the team leader has to do the official bits tomorrow for me 🙂 EEEEE! I am excited… I’m not going to sleep tonight! The only thing that could top tomorrow off, is if I wake and the country is filled with white snow. THAT would be the perfect ending to this year 🙂

FriYAY 22nd November 2019 – 8:00am: Today is THE DAY! The day I have worked so hard for over the past 3 years, plus the 10+ years it’s actually taken me to get here. My journey has been a very long detour into nursing, but I am finally here… ready to be signed off. This will be my last ever shift as a student nurse folks!!! Arggghh!!! I AM READY! Let’s go. P.S… It didn’t snow, but it’s still going to be a perfect day.

16:00pm: That’s it folks, I am officially signed off as student nurse to go onto the NMC register as a qualified nurse!! Whoop! What a perfect day it has been. We had the loveliest patients today, very nice steady day and then me and the other student nurse bought lunch in for everyone. We had a feast and a half (see photo).Screenshot 2019-11-26 at 20.35.43 It really was the perfect send off for us both. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect end to my three years actually. This whole week has just been incredible, I am going to miss this team so much when I leave. This is the sad part about being a student nurse (I assume other healthcare professions with placements also have this problem) – We start to get comfortable and form bonds and then by the time we are settled in, we have to leave for a whole new placement. But my next adventure is going to be as a newly qualified nurse and a whole new team for a much longer time, how exciting. I had the most amazing cards given to me and a lovely bottle of Prosecco from my mentor to say congratulations; I didn’t expect this at all! I didn’t expect anything from anyone, but this was so lovely. I read my card out and had a little cry when I got home, which I actually read out on my latest vlog here:  it’s an emotional one.

I have heard people say previously, ‘it’s such an anti-climax when you finish.’ I disagree, for me, this day has been incredible. I feel like I am on cloud nine right now and I doubt it will go away any time soon. So, what’s next for me? I have some bank shifts booked in to get some pennies, we have our newly qualified nurse day at university next week where we will celebrate together and then on the 15th December, I am moving house! It’s all go from here haha. If you don’t already know, I am moving down to Portsmouth and very excited about a fresh start – bring it on.

So, folks, that’s it, my week is done, my journey as a student nurse has come to an end, but my next chapter is about to continue. I shall be blogging and vlogging all about my transition to qualified nurse, hopefully this will help other students out there when it’s their turn. Next task, what to call my blog site now? Ideas in the comments please 😀 Thank yoouuu!







One thought on “Final Sign Off Week

  1. Well done Claire.It’s good for you that you had a calm week… and can re-energise for the next phase of your life.And so true that patients give more than they receive….
    I have no idea what you should call your blog but as a creative you’ll come up with something!
    Keep in touch🙏


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