Nursing UK – Applying for your NMC PIN Registration

Let’s get straight to it (because I’m too excited!!) As of today, 18th January 2020 – I am finally a fully registered nurse!! Yay!! PERFECT start to the year of the nurse and midwife don’t you think?! To all of the students out there, it’s so worth it for this moment. Please keep going! Don’t give up.

I have done a little vlog (will be posted on my YouTube channel 20/01/20) to show the whole NMC application process (I videoed my screen to show you exactly how this is done). However, I wanted to write a blog post on this as I know it might be easier to read if you’re out in public and can’t get access to videos. I’m going to start with the initial process and how long it’s taken in real terms.

How long does it really take to get your NMC PIN registration?

I was January 2017 intake at university, so our course runs from January to December. Technically I finished everything at the end of November 2019. I didn’t have to make up any hours, exams or assignments etc thankfully. However because the course runs through until December, our exam board wasn’t until the January. This is the date you need to find out from your university to work out roughly when you’ll get your classification and NMC emails. I can only assume they have regular exam board dates every month? And my next assumption is, whatever month you started is when yours will be? But I’m not 100% certain so don’t take my word for that one. Double check with your university. But if you’re at Birmingham City University and January Intake, yours will be in the January.

So, our exam board was on the 9th January 2020. We then got our official classifications uploaded online and sent by email (a generic email to tell you to look online) 7 days later on the 16th January 2020. Then, 24 hours later, on the 17th January 2020, I received my NMC email congratulating me and asking me to go online to fill out my registration and pay my fee. All in all 8 days from the exam board! However, I do know as I’m writing this blog post (18th Jan 2020) there are some students who still haven’t had their NMC emails (going to assume again, that they will get theirs Monday now?) So I would say overall it probably takes between 7-14 days from the exam board roughly.

What happens when you apply for your NMC registration? (It took me around 10 minutes maximum to do this)

Firstly, you have up to 6 months to apply for your NMC registration once you get your email. If it’s over 6 months there’s some extra bits you’ll need to do, you can read more here.

The NMC will send you an email to your university email address which will provide you with the link to register. In this email you will also receive your NMC PIN at the top (clearly written and you’ll need this to log in). You will get to the first page which has the option to log in or register – You will click on register

Second page, you have to insert your name, email and PIN to get you logged in and started. You’ll set up an account with the NMC, this is what you’ll use for the rest of your nursing career (unless they change it). They will then email you a link to confirm your email.

Once you’ve signed up, you will have some questions to answer like:

  • Are you in good health to practice?
  • Do you have criminal convictions to declare?
  • Have you been up for fitness to practice?
  • Ethnicity
  • Sexuality, religion and how you identify

Once you’ve gone through these, it will take you to your payment screen where you have your annual fee of £120 to pay. There are options to pay quarterly or annually online. I choose to pay annually (I had to put this on my credit card because I’m a poor person right now!) However, some trusts will pay your fee for you, which is lovely 🙂 so check this out before you go ahead.

Once you’ve paid, that’s it! You wait for your last email to say you’re on the register! I had my email within 2 HOURS! Fast service or what?! And I can honestly say, it’s possibly the best feeling in the world receiving that email. I can only imagine this is what winning the lottery feels like. All of my journey has been totally worth every second for this moment in time (enter Witney Houston – Moment in time here)

I hope this blog post helps clear up some things for you. I know I was constantly asking questions about my NMC registration etc and I didn’t know where to get the information from. So I hope that this is useful to other student nurses out there 🙂 Have a great day!