Second week as a NQN in GP

Hi all! Welcome back, if you’re new then a huge welcome to my blog. Thanks for popping in 🙂

This is my second week as a NQN general practice nurse (GPN). I thought I’d start this week diary style to keep a log of what I’ve been up to and type as I go to save me trying to remember the days haha.

Monday 10th Feb 2020 – 8:00am:

I woke this morning so excited for a new week in my new post! It’s so lovely to wake up happy to be going to work. That’s how I know I’m in the right place, doing the right thing.

“Do what sets your soul on fire”


I have a tea break so thought I’d do a little catch up, so far I’ve seen lots of blood test, a possible cannula removal – it didn’t need removing in the end as I wasn’t happy to remove this, I won’t go into why for confidentiality, but it wasn’t good. I sent him to the walk in for advice (if in doubt don’t do it! Keep yourself safe). I updated the doctor what had happened too. Lastly, I had a traumatic wound review; this was someone I saw last week, last minute at the end of my day. I assessed and managed the patient independently and booked him back in today with me to review it all. His wound looked fabulous! It had healed up so nicely – very proud moment for me as I had managed this one alone and it worked yay! I sent him away and to come back if he needs anything else.

Lunch break – 13:00pm:

I’ve had some more blood tests booked in which has been nice and easy for me thankfully. Nothing much to report but I’m getting the hang of being an FBI agent to work out what bloods need doing for the patient when it doesn’t clearly state haha!


After lunch I had a mixture of wound management and blood tests again. I had one patient with double leg ulcers in a bit of a mess! I used my knowledge from university and district nursing placement to manage these and I ended up swabbing the one leg – I suspect Pseudomonas infection due to the large amounts of green pus coming from it with an odour.

I had another patient for a particular type of blood test that involves specific dates of testing and I wasn’t 100% certain on this. So I checked with the doctor and ensured I had the correct ones today for them. If in doubt always ask – never assume.

16.45 – 18:10pm:

The last couple of hours of the day was blocked out so I could do my e-learning modules. I went through the list and picked out: safeguarding level 1&2 (adult & child), infection control, manual handling, conflict resolution. I have a load more to go through which I’m going to do bit by bit this week as I go. They’ve blocked out some time to do my e-learning this week which is a huge help. Once I’ve started doing some other training like ECG’s and get my PDGs signed off I’ll be able to do a few more patients other than bloods and wound – which I’m really looking forward too!

Oh, and I ordered my uniform today!! Yay! Watch this space for the obligatory selfie!

So that’s it for today. An amazing start to my second week and absolutely loving every minute of it. I hope your week has started as well as mine has today. Keep smiling!

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