Nursing shoes UK Review

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog post, thank you so much for taking the time to give this a read. I really hope this one is useful for you.

I wanted to do this review as I feel it’s one of the top question’s student nurses ask me

“What shoes / footwear do I buy for nursing?!”

I had some very cheap all black, leather lace up type shoes when I first started my degree as I couldn’t afford Clarkes or any form of decent shoes. Until I won my scholarship and the first thing I bought was my Clarkes shoes, which have been very comfy, however, their sizing were not right for my feet. They didn’t have a 6.5 at the time and I had to choose between a 6 or 7. I went bigger with a 7 and then have had to wear thick sports socks to compensate with this. I then found that I must walk funny or I have odd shaped feet… as 3 years later walking in these, my shoes have dipped inwards…

So, this has been the perfect time to review a new kind of shoe. I had a wonderful chance to wear and try these shoes from Toffeln who had teamed up with the university of Salford to create the perfect shoe for student / qualified nurses and all healthcare professionals. They had conducted a study to optimise footwear / comfort of people on their feet for 12-hour shifts. Which is amazing I think! I loved these shoes before I even tried them on.

These shoes come in a choice of colours, styles and sizes online, but also with a choice of insole. Because something they noticed during the study was that not everyone has the same feet and arch. So, they wanted to provide the right insole for you. These come with a choice of soft, medium and firm. I went with medium as they seemed right for my feet.

Image from: Toffeln (2020)

Soft insole: For people with more flat feet and less arching

Medium insole: For those with some arching and want more support

Firm insole: For those wanting extra support

I was due to go onto my shift and thought this was the perfect time to try these shoes out. I did a little video of this review here: for you to see for yourself; what they look like and my reaction to them along with a fancy box opening!

There are two issues I always have when searching for the right shoe:

  1. Comfort of the shoe
  2. The sole on the shoes, they need to be a good grip / rubber for the type of flooring in nursing.

As soon as I put these on, I loved them. They were pure comfort clouds on my feet! I tried all three insoles and decided the medium support was the best fit for my feet. I had a little walk around my room with each one before making my decision and then headed off in my new shoes to my shift. I do 10-hour shifts – I am a GP nurse and just to confirm, we are on our feet all day! We don’t just sit around at a desk haha! Erasing this myth here. After my shift, my feet felt amazing! It was like I had been walking around in my comfy slippers at home. My legs didn’t ache as they do sometimes, another bonus! It’s now been a week of wearing these shoes, and they have been perfect for me. They are pure comfort and look decent too, they aren’t as ugly as I thought they may look haha! These shoes have it all; the pure comfort but the nonslip soles they have too and well as the choice of insole. They also fit perfectly to my feet, it’s like these were made for me! 10/10 from me, please go check them out online via their website and see what you think: enjoy!

And as always, other brands and stores are available but I really love these! 😀



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