Exciting update – Strictly NHS for charity!

Hi everyone,

It’s been while, so sorry about that! But I have some exciting news!!

If you haven’t heard already, then please checkout Strictly NHS website, twitter and FaceBook pages. This is a charity event that has been set up to raise money for our fabulous NHS! They also have a just giving page on their website and their goal is to reach £10,000! So, if you have any spare change in your pocket, reach in and give them a few.

They had over 2,000 applications to go through and I was picked as one of the 100 to go through to the next round! WOW! I am so shocked and honoured to be part of this 100.

So why did I want to apply for this? As soon as I saw it, I had to apply. What an amazing idea to raise money for our NHS! It’s fabulous. But not only this, it is a great way of raising awareness about our NHS and everything we have been through but also how amazing it is! Hopefully it will encourage more nursing applications too. I aim to raise awareness of that journey into nursing, how you can rise from knock backs and failures and achieve all your dreams and more! Furthermore, how a little council estate girl (me), from a poor background can get out there and achieve it. I aim to bring the positivity and determination to the show.

What challenges do I see ahead? Apart from being up against the amazing people who have applied – I can’t dance… I have never danced and never been able to dance and have two left feet haha! But then, I have never been taught. This is going to be one huge challenge for me; from the dancing point of view and fitness. I’m not a fit person, but now I am taking those steps to push myself and get fit just in case I do get onto the show. I want to be ‘match ready.’ However, If selected I really hope to be that person you see grow throughout the show; the dark horse of the group!

For the next stages, I have to send in a video application (which I have done already and sent, because I am that keen! haha). And come the first week of December they will announce the final line up of 12 amazing individuals. I can’t wait to see the final 12 and routing for everyone who has applied. Of course, I want to get through, and my competitive side really wants to win! However, If I don’t get through, I will be watching and sharing from the side lines and routing for the others. But if I do get in, I will definitely be sharing my whole journey throughout! I am so excited for this! So, fingers crossed folks… I have done everything I can to get in there now – watch this space.

I hope you’re all having a great week so far, see you next time for more updates. 

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