Positive Pandemic News

I have decided to create a ‘positive pandemic newsletter’ type of post this week. This is not to cover up those important messages of covid, but purely to bring a small glimpse of hope and happiness to your life for a brief moment. I know I needed this right now, so I hope it makes you smile too.

So here are this week’s positive anonymous messages I received via Instagram: 

“Redundancy at the start of the pandemic and now working at Tesco!”

“I have started my dissertation, chosen a topic and found the relevant research to use”

“I passed my first nursing assignment with flying colours” 

“I started my first placement, I’m 2 days in and I absolutely love it!!” 

“Got my first COVID vaccine yesterday!”

“I saw a patient nearly die from covid, but with the help from nurses, she’s going home this week!” 

“I’m keeping on top of my online nursing uni work!”

“I got 95% on an essay I worked really hard on” 

“I’ve had a phone call off a GP about a newly qualified nurse position in his surgery”

“I’m pregnant after 2 miscarriages and years of trying!”

“I’ve got 3 hob offers for when I qualify this year! And I have got out of a bad place mentally”

“Starting district nursing placement this week, can’t wait and they sound lovely”

“I’m out of isolation after having covid!! Luckily I only had mild covid too!”

“I have passed my first nursing essay, my first biology exam. And handed in my second essay today!” 

“I start my nursing degree soon. It’s been 18 years in the making”

“Completed my first 5 supervision smears this week as part of my GPN course” 

“The last semester before the register nurse programme starts on Tuesday. I can’t wait… It’s taken 15 years to get here…” 

“I’ve just joined a GP surgery as a nurse associate and will start vaccinating tomorrow!”

“I’m over halfway through my online yoga teacher training course”

“I’ve attended all of my online lessons whilst recovering from depression”

“Started my 1st second year placement in the area I want to specialise”

“90% on an assignment I thought I’d failed”

“Starting my yearly trail for a company called; brain in hand, nervous but excited!”

“Just had my placement allocation through for 1st of Feb – District Nursing”

“My placement got changed to an area im really interested in!”

“Starting my final year semester and placements, so nervous but almost there”

“I got 100% on my first safe medicate exam, the thing I was most worried about”

“Started my student nursing account”

“My first placement has been given the go ahead and I could not be more excited!”

Thank you so much to everyone for sending these in! I have really loved reading your amazing news and so proud and happy for you all! Keep being amazing, keep going and keep shining – You’ve got this!

  • Claire xox

2 thoughts on “Positive Pandemic News

  1. So needed to read this today. The general Covid news is beyond depressing.
    I start my nursing degree tomorrow which is on the one hand a relief to be here and on the other terrifying. I have nearly pulled out so many times but it’s no it never and there only one way to find out and that’s to try it. I only hope I am good enough. Thanks for all the inspiration and cheeriness you bring. Honestly I can’t tell you how much YOU have contributed to where I stand today on the brink of this next chapter of my life. xx


    1. Aw thank you 🙏🏻 that’s lovely of you.
      Never give up on your dreams in life! No matter how tough it gets. You’ll be so proud when you’re finished 🙂
      You’ll be more than good enough I’m sure, and our NHS definitely needs you right now.
      Keep going and keep smiling! 💜🌻 xx


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