Tissue Viability 

Since being on this placement, we’ve had 2 training sessions on Tissue viability. An area I really love. It’s about preventing pressure areas / ulcers. And if there are any patients with them, it’s about how to manage the sore area and prevent it getting any worse. Stopping it in its tracks. First, it’s risk … More Tissue Viability 

Half way point. 

So I’m half way trough my first placement! I have 4 more weeks left to go. Today on my shift I got to do a pathway experience through the operating theatres yay!! Exciting stuff!! Prob not for some but I love it 😀 I went down with a patient from the ward and they did … More Half way point. 

Skills sessions

These are the fun times at university. Going into the mock wards and practicing your skills ready for placement. Enema probably isn’t the most fun one 😂 I’m hoping I never have to give a patient one of these! I’ll give you 2 guesses where they go? Haha! I liked the injection technique sessions! I’m … More Skills sessions

Exams – March 2017

The first thing we were told is… EXAMS! ‘Already?! What!? Ok. You’re panicking again, stop it’ Our first exam was Maths, I did my first online, practice one and got 5/10! Bliming shocking! So that made me panic even more. I revised like a trouper and tried more practice ones. 7/10 ‘That’s much better’. The … More Exams – March 2017