Merry Christmas

It is Christmas Eve and I am currently on a coach to my sisters house. A whole 6 hours and 45 minutes journey, it could be worse. I wish I could have a huge family Christmas. Everyone round the tree, drinking festive drinks and eating lovely food and having fun. Sadly, my family do not … More Merry Christmas

Exam week

Very late post here! It’s been a very busy week for me, but that’s a separate blog.   Firstly, exam, it’s over with and I’m not sure if I’m glad it’s over and done now or if I’m a little sad in my heart about it. I’ve really enjoyed this module a lot! Favourite so … More Exam week

Staying successful 

6 Months gone! Half of my first year is complete! 🎉 And to reward us, our university put on a morning event ‘Staying Successful’ a motivational morning to say well done and keep it up! We had a motivational speaker called David Keeling who’s part comedian too. We were all hoping for Peter Kay when … More Staying successful