What happens when the nurse becomes the covid patient?

I’m kicking myself everyone… absolutely livid actually. I’ve gone through the whole of this pandemic, been so careful, worn full PPE, hand washing is on point, stayed clear of big crowds and not been mingling or partying. I’ve managed to escape covid all this time and I’ve had both my vaccines. Until 2am on Sunday … More What happens when the nurse becomes the covid patient?

Dear GP nurse

You’ve probably read this title and thought ‘oh here we go… what’s this rant about?’ However, this blog post is quite the opposite. I’m here to tell you – you’re fabulous! It was during my second year of the nursing degree that I noticed this. It was during my placement at a GP surgery with … More Dear GP nurse

Final Sign Off Week

Hi all, it’s been a while since I wrote diary entry style! But I thought it would be a nice touch for my final week EVER as a student nurse! Monday 18th November 2019 – 8.50am:  “Morning all, It’s my final Monday as a student nurse!!! Whoop!”  I said as I leaped into the office … More Final Sign Off Week