Half way point. 

So I’m half way trough my first placement! I have 4 more weeks left to go.

Today on my shift I got to do a pathway experience through the operating theatres yay!! Exciting stuff!! Prob not for some but I love it 😀

I went down with a patient from the ward and they did an ileosomy and wash out. Which is basically, cutting open the abdomen, washing out the old wound and insides around the organs. Cutting the abdomen slightly to pull through a small piece of the intestine so it sits outside the abdomen (to the right or left of the belly button) and a stoma bag is placed over the top for the faeces (pooh/ #2 however you wish to call it) to come out. The patient will learn to empty the bag themselves and take care of it 🙂  This surgery can be permanent or just temporary. I’m not sure which his is yet.

It’s very odd that after watching your patient go through surgery, how your mind alters afterwards. That patient became my patient. I wanted to make sure they were ok afterwards, constantly checking on them. Making sure they had enough fluids and comfortable. Free from pain. Checking the obs every 30minutes for 2hours and then onto 4 hourly observations. Seeing the surgery kind of makes you more empathetic towards the patient and what they’ve been through. The patient was great afterwards. Everything went well and they can now eat soft foods! Fantastic news.

For me, this was really great to watch. It’s surprising how big your small instines actually are!! 😮 It didn’t quite look real haha. Looked like fake parts from a movie or something. All in all, I enjoyed the experience. Would love to see more if I can!

Next thing to hear back from is my assignment results on the 19th May!! Urghhhh. I hope I’ve passed!

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