Results day – Friday the 13th….

I have discovered that, the most nerve wrecking time is the day of my results! I tossed and turned all night, I woke early keen for my results, even earlier than my 4.30am alarm ready for placement.

I have spent the past weeks, excited about these results, and felt very confident that I had passed. Nursing practice 1 exam went really well, and my assignment was definitely an improvement since the last one. Until the last week leading up to this day…. I had nightmares every night about failing, I have been tossing and turning and just wanting this day to come. My biggest worry was looking at my results during placement…. if I fail anything I will have to hold myself together until I get home and cry myself to sleep haha! Which is fine… I am very good at having my ‘nurse face’ on, which is smiling and comforting to all. But I didn’t really want to have to go through that.

I opened my results for my assignment first, mainly because this was the one that I was worried about the most and I had set my goal of at least 65%. I wanted to improve from my first assignment which was 55%. I remember how gutted I was with 55%, even though it was a pass, I wasn’t happy, I wanted more, I wanted to be a high achiever. So when I initially opened my assignment result on the main submission page it said 50%… again… a pass… but ‘NO!’ Not 50%…

“I wanted so much more, how could I be going backwards with my grades?”

This was accessed via my mobile phone, and the results are all laid out different on my mobile. I couldn’t see the full feedback page attached to my assignment so I waited until  I got home to check my feedback to see where I was going wrong. When I opened my actual assignment with the feedback on it, my mark actually said 75%!! And I had really amazing feedback on it!!!! I could of cried with joy!!!

“ME?? 75%? For an assignment?!”

I am sooo chuffed with this result, I had worked so hard every day on that assignment, I had been to the personal development department to have them go over a small section to see if my analytical writting was ok (it was not at that point) and she politely but brutally told me straight about it. Which sounds harsh, but this is EXACTLY what I needed. I needed someone to say ‘No Claire, you can’t put that, this is where you are going wrong.’ So I re-wrote the parts I needed to work on. I then youtubed videos on writting assignments, I googled and searched the university pages on writing and using really great linking words that I never would have thought about using (as my brain is very simple haha). I worked my little socks off for that assignment. So hard work does pay off! It really does.

My next result, nursing practice 1 was 70%! Great results! Not my goal of 83% again, but still, 70% is a good grade. Reading the feedback I can see what parts I have missed small marks for, which obviously add up.

So folks, learning points are: revise bit by bit for exams in every way you can to help you remember the information, use all the resources out there, don’t be scared to ask for help if you’re struggling or not as confident on some things than others. It’s better to get the help and advice as you go than leave it and not pass. If you know you have a weakness, get off your booty and do something about it. Tackle your fears head on and take control of them. Take the extra tutorials, go to the personal development department, speak to tutors, use online resources that university give you, search other resources to help you. Absolutely anything that is going to make you hit your goals. Oh and have goals! Set yourself targets of what you want to achieve next, what mark you would be happy seeing. If the target is there in your sights, then this will help you get motivated to hit those targets.


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