First day back at university

16th January 2018. I did not sleep much last night, I was far too excited! For today… was induction day! Induction to second year of nursing. I am so honoured and proud to be entering my university today. I have made it through first year! The past 12 months has started shaping me into the Nurse I want to become. The past 12 months has prepared me for the second year and boy am I ready for it.

Traffic all the way to University was horrendous. I have no idea what happened today but ever car possible was on the road and in the way. Despite this (luckily I leave EXTRA early to allow for these things) I made to Uni for 9am. Just making anywhere is not my idea of being on time haha. I am the sort of person that has to be at a place around 15-30 minutes before I have to be there. Usually I get to University about an hour before I start to avoid traffic and have another cup of tea before starting. If it is placement I have always got there 40 minutes early to have breakfast and tea before starting and knowing I am there and will not be late. Lateness is my pet hate.

9 – 9.30am: The first 30 minutes we had a wonderful lecturer, talking to us about our e-portfolios (Mahara). I am quite fortunate that I like technology and work well with technology, so my e-portfolio is up to scratch and all ready for second year. I know for some students they have really struggled with this so far, I am always willing to help other students where possible.

After this we had a long break two and a half hours long. So my friends and I all went into the canteen, ate and then headed up to the IT suite to do some extra work ready for next week. Start as we mean to go on. I managed to finish my online manual handling course and my basic life support course which I had started at home. I then set up my next Mahara page, ready for second year.

12:00 – 13:30pm: We had a fantastic team of nurse lecturers talk to us about our second year; what modules we have, exams, placements and our community scoping experience week (CSE week). CSE week is 4 weeks that we organise ourselves in our local community to go and volunteer. Areas we might not get exposure to out on placements. This is going to be amazing! I am so excited to plan my weeks. I would like to experience so many places; it is going to be hard to narrow this one down.

This first half of the year sounds pretty nice. Only one module (NP2 which I talked about in my previous blog) to revise with a 2 hour exam in April. The second half of this year will be 3 modules all together? That is going to be a crazy few months I think. That is a lot to cram into half a year. I can not wait either way! I am so keen to learn all these new things from second year. I am absolutely ecstatic that it is all public health, community, society based! These are my areas. I already know what type of nurse I am. I have said it previously in my other blog, I am not really a ward nurse, my heart is community / public health.

I am going to state my worries for the first half of the year here and then I can re-evaluate them at the end of the module:

  • I do not know much about the topics (cancer, diabetes and MS), so I know I am going to have to revise solid for Nursing Practice 2 Exam in April.
  • I need to revise a lot more due to not knowing these topics inside out.
  • Will I be able to take in all the information and remember it?

Luckily, I love revising so these small worries should be fine. As long as I use all the revision techniques: using different parts of the brain to revise then I should be ok on the day.

Until next time… goodbye and goodnight x

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