Which nurses inspire you?

Day 23 of the nurse blogger / NHS Horizons – 30 day blogger challenge.

So many nurses inspire me on a daily basis. People often look at famous people as great role models, leaders or just ‘famous’ but to me, those people are Nurses. I admire so many nurses for different reasons and I don’t know where to start with this blog.

  • My last mentor. A general practice nurse who didn’t realise her own talent and how much I had learnt from her. I think she had been doing her job for so long she just didn’t realise how valuable she is! She said to me, ‘if there’s anything I can do better tell me! Because you’re the most up to date with everything and I can learn from you.’ But her knowledge and the way she was with patients was fantastic! She didn’t need to change a thing about her. They way she worked was fabulous! I loved listening to her health promotion and how she tailored herself to each patients needs. I had never seen anyone like her before. She was firm but fair and made all the time in the world for her patients whilst still sticking to the time restraint she had. I don’t know how she did it?! I guess with time and practice haha. But she’s an inspiration!
  • Next, the nurses who I work with in sexual health and family planning clinics. The majority of them inspire me so much. The way they are with patients, how they give health promotion in a way that doesn’t judge any of them. The way they keep calm under pressure. They are all so different in the ways they do this but they all get the same result for that patient. They all work together as a team to provide the best care possible for our patients. We have staff shortages like everywhere else but they always pull together to make it work and to see the patients. Umbrella health staff you are amazing! I salute you.
  • The nurses who are also lecturers at Birmingham City University. You all inspire me so much! I never dreamt of doing a teaching or educating role before I saw you all. You arrived in my life with passion, dedication and inspired me to do more! You can see how much you love nursing by the way you teach us. You are all so inspiring and motivating and everything I aim to be as a nurse. If I can inspire students like you all can, then my life is made. Because that’s where it starts, with student nurses and encouraging them to be their best self which results in better care for our patients. Thank you all! Keep being you!
  • To Karen Storey – primary care nursing lead for NHS England. I had the honour of being asked to talk with her at a GP conference earlier this year. I told her I was nervous with public speaking and she said to me ‘we all get nervous don’t worry, but just think of it this way, you’re doing this to benefit other people, you’re helping others by doing this.’ (Something along those lines). This inspired me so much and it’s something I always think about now before doing a talk or event. Shes right, the talks I do are for other mainly. Yes I want to build my public speaking confidence, but talks etc I take on, aren’t for me at all. They are usually to help others. Karen herself is a wonderful speaker. She has such confidence when she talks and a real inspiration to me. If I can do a talk half as well as she does, my goal will be achieved.
  • I’m going to link these 2 people, because they are an inspiration to me for almost the same reasons! Louise Brady and Martina Davies. Two absolutely fantastic GP nurses who inspire me daily! I first started talking to them through twitter and then met them both at the GP conference. Their passion for general practice is infectious. I enjoy seeing their tweets and encouraging student nurses into the profession. I look at them and think they must be truly wonderful mentors to their students! Their knowledge and passion tells me this. •Louise did a talk at the conference about group consultations and how she started this and the impact it has on patient care! It was marvellous and so inspiring. I am also envious of her public speaking! She was so passionate and confident up there, it was fabulous to see. •Martina, posts lovely tweets and tags us all in them! Sharing positivity across twitter which makes you feel valued. I love seeing her tweets about her student nurses it’s so lovely to see. She has a lot to offer any student nurse.


I need to stop typing before this turns into another essay haha. The long story short is, get onto my twitter on go through my following list… because if I’m following they’ve probably inspired me in one way or another!

Who inspires you? Let me know 🙂 

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